Pray for me. Undergoing despair for 1st DUI offense

by Rex (San Diego, CA, USA)

I was arrested 2 nights ago for DUI. It’s my 1st time offense and I’m trying to get my RN license.

I know my mistakes for that night and how I ever regret doing that. Being held in jail, doing tons of thinking, getting paranoid, made me realize a lot of things that I would never ever put myself in this situation again and never drink alcohol again.


Lord, please have mercy on me and please help me get through with this everyday. Its a very heavy burden to carry for my parent’s expectations to me are high and I’ve disappointed them. I am very sorry for all of my sins my Lord God, Mother Mary, Lord Jesus Christ.

Please enlighten the officer who arrested me that he may have help me also. Please help the lawyers that they may lessen the outcome of my case in court, and please give the Judge with the wisdom that he/she needs in giving me sentence for my case. Please help me get through all my trials in life please give my parents good health that they may live healthier and longer. I thank you for the gift of family, they have supported me and my parents with this. I thank you for all the blessings that you have given me and for my family. Thank you and praise you, Lord!


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  1. Same situation.

    I don’t know you. But last night I’ve also caught a DUI. I’ve haven’t called on The Lord’s name so much in my life. I didn’t have court yet but I did talk to God. He told me everything will be alright. You need to have faith in situations such as these. I didn’t kill anyone or hurt myself and God wanted it to be that way. Things could of been much worse. You could of died but God didnt let that happen. He has a plan for you I promise you that. You just have to trust in God. He knows your pain he also forgave you. Keep praying. Don’t stop praying. This is just God’s plan for you. You can never question that.

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