pray for me to receive continued employment at University of Houston bye May 30th 2014 in Jesus name.

(Houston, TX)

I am in desperate need of gaining employment by 05/30/2014 at a TRS institution. I want to be hired in another position at University of Houston or any other Institution that will continue my financial input within the state of Texas retirement system.

I need to be interviewing this week and next week with a job being offered to me as the end result. I will need at least the same income if not more. I want to work Monday through Friday. Also, please get mplease get all persons I have been talking to directly and indirectly to work harder to help secure employment for me on my behalf to please work harder on my behalf in Jesus name. Please engage the prayers offered my past and current associates, coworkers friends on my behalf to seek employment. My entire prayer request for me is
requested in Jesus name. In Jesus name, I thank you so much for praying these prayers for me and to God be the glory. Amen.