Pray for me to make peace with myself and my doings.

by RAF (Somerst, NJ USA)

Dear St. Jude,

My mother has prayed for you all her life and now I pray to you. I am generally a good person, but I have recently realized that I am selfish and that I have no self control. Please help me change and find spiritual enlightenment, please help me be a better person, please free me from these temptations that are not essential in life. Please help me make peace within my soul. Please help me be closer to God. Please help me be a better person. Please help me to not hurt those around me anymore. Please help me to be consistent, to always have God in my heart and be this spiritually and humanly aware. I beg you dear St. Jude, pray for me and help me through this difficult time in my life. I have stayed away from all who were friends and family, I have distanced myself thinking that they were the problem but now I see that my unforgiving nature was the sin and not their slight wrongdoing. Please St. Jude help me to live a better life where I forgive all and any who wrong me and that God finds it in his heart to forgive me of my sins. I repent and I am so sorry for all that I have done to hurt anyone or anything. I pledge my devotion to you and to GOD, help me better person and help me find the road to peace and forgiveness. I throw myself down at your mercy, please I beg you help me find peace. Please bless and protect my family and my parents, and my siblings and their families. God bless this earth and all who live on it. God bless everyone and everything. Dear St. Jude help me.

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