Pray for me to love myself more

My name is Nicola and i desperately in need of prayer.My husband had betrayed me by divorcing me behind my back,please i ask that GOD to forgive the persons who encourages my husband to divorce me because of my poor accomplishment in life help me to forgive them and myself if i had cause the

many reason for them to hate me.At this point i don’t want to live,I am starting to hate myself and resenting my only daughter.I have to resort to sleeping pills to sleep at nights,when i wake my heart hurt me so bad and the bad memories wont go away. I have disappointed myself and my daughter and i cant bare to speak to her.please pray that GOD forgive me of my sins and bad taught and help me to get thru this.I need peace of mind but i cant get it when i still loves my husband.How can i move on and try to love myself and daughter.I know i deserve all the bad that happen to me cause i had love him with all my heart,all i wanted was to be happy. Please remember me in your prayers please and thanks.please ask GOD not to forget me.

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