Pray for me please for saftey and protection from revengeful Ex.

by Samantha (Adelaide Australia)

I have just left a pathological violent relationship, where he tried to destroy me on every level, what he did not count on is the strength of Jesus that I have in me. He did a lot of horrible nasty things to me throughout this short time.

I am trying to move on now and get my life back on the right track,however he is still trying to destroy me from afar and I am looking to find another place to live and to avoid this person as much as possible. I want him to leave me alone and forget about me and to get on with his life.

Please can you pray that I will be safe and protected from him and that any revenge that he has planned against me for kicking him out after he assaulted me leaves his mind.

Thank you so much I really need a lot of help on this

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