Pray for me please. Confused, lonely, scared

by Cindy (Johnstown PA)

My prayers first & foremost are for all who ask for help through Our Lady & St. Joseph. Past few years have suffered much–In May 2008, MS diagnosis & within two months, Catholic boyfriend’s death due to MRSA (contracted in finding he had bone cancer) all while dealing w/mother with dementia & health issues.

In past two years, have had back problems, thyroid surgery (cancer & severe reaction to radioactive iodine)–a few months after this had serious back surgery + fusion; a year later (Sept 2011), hysterectomy due to cancer cells present. Mother finally placed in home & having problems financially (to keep her there). No family/siblings to help emotionally, physically or financially. On top of all this, my job of almost 29 years is in jeopardy (State Govt) — I live in a distressed area, no where to transfer.

I pray St. Joseph can intercede that Our Father through his Son can send me the help I so desperately need (home also in need of repairs). I face each day lonely (esp. missing my late-boyfriend so often); confused on what to do; frightened of financial burden.

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  1. Prayer for My Sister In Faith

    I pray that the Lord our God with all his Angels and Saints eases your suffering and the situation you are in.I implore that He, in His Wisdom and Gentleness bestows His Grace upon you and fills you with The Holy Spirit.

    I pray that very soon you can have a new home to live by The Grace of God,that he takes you to his bosom and envrlop you with his love.God Bless Sister. Amen, x

  2. Our lady of all graces help this person please

    My prayers are for you to get a new home. And for your health to improve everyday. God doesn’t sleep he sees everything he can do anything that man say is impossible just continue to pray even when life knocks you around keep your faith in god and one day the sun will come out again may god bless you always ask our lady of all graces to shed. Her graces on you

  3. God bless

    I pray for you and that all of your needs will be met. I am extremely empathetic to your plight as I am in a relatively similar situation. Best of luck.

  4. God bless you

    I am so sad to read so much hardships in your life. All I can say is go to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Please. Go to him in your heart, cry, shout, implore…it doesnt matter how you phrase it, just tell Him everything. He already knows but tell Him anyway. I pray to God that you will be awnsered. Good luck and God bless . God be with you.

  5. Praying for you

    I am in church this morning Tuesday the 19
    I will pray for you everyday
    Please tell Jesus you are in his hands
    Do not look back

  6. Confused, lonely, scared

    Prayers are important, but JESUS CHRIST answers NOT when you want them to be answered. HE answers them in HIS TIME! Being that you are in desperate need of immediately help, I suggest that you go on the internet and look up JEFFREY WANDS! He can also help you, immediately!

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