I am a person who has always battled it out with evil spirits. I was brought up in the church foundation and now a mature person. In my life time I have battled so much with satan.

There used to be forces inside me pulling me apart in terms of my Christian faith. One force was pulling me away from God’s ways and another one pulling me towards God’s ways to the extent of me seeing some vision of God wanting me to serve him.

I got a job and I was sent away from my family and I believe that’s when Satan overpowered me and I got infected with Hiv and infected my wife and child too. But from the unfolding events, I tend to view it as a way of God returning me back to Him so that I can work for Him because, after discovering the disease, me and my wife we embarked on prayers with strong faith and believing in Healing from God.

Since I started strong prayers I have seen things changing in my life. I have found Peace, I do see visions of Jesus talking to me, visions of angels but I cant tell their definite faces though form of humans and brightly white. And many more visions. I still pray so strongly with a lot of faith.

I have asked Him to Heal me and My family. I started on drugs but I have said till Jesus tells me to leave through the vision or angels. When I feel bad as in sick, the moment I kneel down and pray and sing the song of praise and healing, I get completely better.

I believe am healed it’s only a matter of time and I will Declare it in Public. Continue Praying for us and warship Him my brothers and sisters. Amen.

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