Pray for me ( I believe when all pray the results are quick)

by Unknown (INDIA)

Its a shame to say but till today i regret the day when i got married to a wrong person i was just 25 years in love with that guy who use to stay in village, Just phone communication i have been with him and with against my family i got married he was already HIV+ i didn’t knew when i started staying with him after 6 months his health was down finally after many test it was proved that he is HIV till then i dint knew about what HIV is he made me fool that just taking medicine we will be alright i had medicine and from that day on wards i started having acidity finally life was very miserable for me.His family use to do black magic every often i use to see some rituals happening in home i was fed up and i prayed almighty to rescue me i was a slave working whole day from morning to night even i helped him to recover the health he then to never had a love with me i was well educated girl and he was just 7th grad who didn’t clear his graduation to finally one day i left all and i came back to my family today i am 32 years old and very much unhealthy from last 20 days i am feeling that now HIV have catched me but i want to live as from 3 year someone is loving me so much he wanted to get marry at earliest but i am scare that still m unhealthy please pray that my HIV should get vanish your blessing can create a miracle for me.

i have struggled a lot still black magic is happening on me please please my lord save me and i apologies for all the things i did in my past karma’s 🙁

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