Pray for me as my partners ex-girlfriend is tearing my family apart

Please pray for us as we have been together with my partner for 8 years now we have 5kids 3 are from a previous relationship but now we have two children in this current one but my partner has been secretly communicating with his ex girlfriend and now I found out that they slept together and now she’s putting pressure on him to leave us after they have been separated for 12 years so she is doing everything she can for us to separate as she’s now demanding him for a ring, house and a car but I have stood with Him through thick and thin for 8 years so please we have no happiness in our home it’s just silent treatment we don’t talk he just goes and comes back without saying anything and we are like strangers to each other I want to have the love and unity back as the one we had before please pray for us as our children are suffering and it’s not fair on them. I pray the Lord who brought us together can bring us back together.

Thank you

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