pray for me and my young family

by Kari (Ireland)

Only very recently I lost my Husband to a very sudden illness (He was only ill for 2 days) In those 2 days I had to say goodbye to the most amazing man/Father that you could ever meet, His children aged 7, 9 and 11 crowded around his hospital bed and wept and wept as they lay beside him for his final few hours. Nothing in this world could ever prepare anybody for telling their children that their Daddy was going to die And nothing in the world can ever prepare a child for hearing such devasting news. I will remember their reaction until the day I die. I just want to ask for prayers for us. I know the only way to do this is to face it head-on. But I have been left with a very important job of rearing my 3 children on my own. I know the future is unknown for everybody.But, at the moment I feel overwhelmed. Please help us. Amen