pray for me

by yvette donahue ()

please agree with me in prayer for a lot of unanswer prayers, i need to loos weight and lose this diebetic dieasie iv, help me with temtation of food that is mot good for me,.My husband and i is praying hard for god to open the doors for us to buy us a home. the man we have been renting from 12 yrs do do not want to sell the home we have done everything we could for this house. we dont have good credit or a lot of money but yet we need our own place, aplace that we can call home.I have a law suit aganist a place of bussines i slip on some water that was on the floor but was not noticable please pray that i can win my lawsuit, i had to had back sugery and i will never be the same they are ingoring my lawyer ,they have not put a price on it i was off for 3months. now im asking for prayers for my children my son rogers is lock up in prison im am praying that he get his life together before he come out im praying for me to help him get a car a job and that he can be reuntie with his three children.he really need to know that jesus is his only and real freind. I pray that he can find him a wife and enjoy his life. the next one is my daugther megan, she is spoil she is over age for that. she has a boyfreind that does very little for her he is always degrading her never wants to go find a real job always cussing her out she says she dont love him she has him around because she is scare of livng by her self. my child is miserble she crys all the time she dont work enough hours topay her bills are take car od her two children which i am taking care of one she is 7yrs old she has a 4yr old boy that the daddy dont want to give her any help child suport or anything., and all she complains about is killing herself because her life is not moving like her friends are classmate. she has a lot of goals she dont have any motivation. I need the the lord to increase my increase so i can take care of my elderly mother so i can take her grociers shopping and help her pay her bills,asking for better helpfor my husband and god will keep him on this job and let him suceed on his job and keep getting promotion. I praying for my grandaughter she has absent seizuer she cant do or go to many places due this illnes its also taking a toll on her learning abillities thanknyou in the name of jesus

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