Pray for lost fiancee

Dear Lord,

I pray that my Fiance,B, who has left me for drugs and alcohol get healing and returns soon. I pray you heal him of his addictions and mental disorders. I pray you give him a sound mind and body and a heart with love for christ. I pray he realises what hes done, stops the abusive behavior and gets healed.

I pray he returns, healed and with love in his heart for me again. I pray God will bless us with a healthy marriage one day and we will live in unity with Christ.

I pray that his family supports this healing and hes surrounded by Godly, Christian people.I love him so much, i pray for relief of this greif and that get word he is ok soon. I pray for god’s will for both of us. Please pray for us, Red and B, that we may be united in Christ and our love will bloom once again.amen,R