Pray for Lori

I would like a prayer for my estranged wife, Lori. Since we have separated Lori has been plagued by evil. People have stolen money and possessions from her including her wedding band. She got caught with bad people leading her to have criminal charges brought against her. The police also seized her truck and possessions that were in it. Her apartment complex evicted her. Finally a prior landlord is suing her again for the same thing that the courts had already decided in Lori’s favor.

I ask that you pray for God to give her strength, guidance and wisdom to make great decisions. That the items and money stolen or lost comeback to her. The criminal charges dropped and police return the items they seized. That the Civil court finds in her favor and the landlord is held liable for all Lori’s counter claims. And the landlord pays swiftly and not fight through appeals.

Finally, I love Lori and miss her terribly. My life has fallen on hard times since our conflict started. I ask that you pray that God guide Lori and I in our relationship and remove conflict and drama. I know only that I love her and want the best for her. I worry that we are too toxic for each other or worse Lori no longer loves me from all the arguing and wrong decisions made by me.