Pray for Lord God Almighty’s Blessings on My Loved Ones

by Lee Piea Peng ()

Hi! Can you please help me pray to Lord God Almighty again?

My friend Lee Pong Chai is a very sincere good-natured person. He obeys Lord God Almighty under both the law and grace, and he is holy, noble and godly. He is also compassionate, affectionate and helpful. I wish that Lord God Almighty use His power to bring me and Pong Chai, intended to be together, into an abundance-of-love-filled marriage. I pray that Lord God Almighty bring both of us lots of love, joy, peace and prosperity to our life. I hope Lord God Almighty strengthen me and Pong Chai in such a way that both of us loves, honors and cherish each other completely and at all times. May Lord God Almighty give me and Pong Chai lots of Heavenly blessings so that both of us embraces true love between us, very much uplifted by His grace.

May all my good wishes for Pong Chai be fulfilled with the mighty help of Lord God Almighty. I pray that Lord God Almighty bring and lead Pong Chai to be an honorable chief in his current profession. May Lord God Almighty gift Pong Chai a sucessful doctorate or professorial career. I pray that Lord God Almighty add many years to Pong Chai’s life; most importantly may Lord God Almighty continuously add abundance of wisdom and intelligence on Pong Chai during his pilgrimage.

May Lord God Almighty bless Pong Chai’s mother with good health, and may she receive filial piety from her children. May Lord God Almighty strengthen Pong Chai, his mother and siblings in His love and light, and may He guide them to the partners He choose for them. May Lord God Almighty bring Pong Chai, his mother and his siblings close to Him.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Thank you.

Fond regards
Piea Peng.

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