Pray for Justice and peace.

by Deonna (Clackamas Oregon)

Dear Father,

Please let my side be heard. The court system and defense council through me under the bus. My lawyer has never seen this happen before.
Im hoping the surpream court will turn my case around and let me tell my side of the story. Let me tell the judge and jury how a doctor made a horrible mistake and missed Diagnosed me. I told the ER doctor why my primary doctor sent me to the ER. If only the doctor would have listened to me. Or if the doctor would have followed proper Protocol. My case would not have turned out as it is. 7 years of hell. Blood clot in my leg and 4 clots in my lungs. Im very grateful god Im still alive. However my life has changed so much. The depression is overwhelming. The pain in my leg from the clot burns 24 hours a day. I cant wear shoes or socks because of the Friction it sends me into pain. I have spent thousands of dollars in doctors bills. At one point I asked if they could cut my leg off . This damage has also damaged my right lung. The scar tissue from the clots left me with a breathing problems. I must be on blood thinner the rest of my life. This is all from a doctor who didnt follow standards of practice. I have anger sadness and pain every day. I pray the lawyers I have hired can help me. Let me be heard. Let everyone see the pain I go through. Let them see me cry. God I know you keep showing me your hands and you tell me you got it. I hope 2018 I will let my side of the story be told. I hope for peace from this 7 year nightmare. I know I will never be the same but knowing justice has been served. No amout of money can take away what has been done. But some type of settlement would be healing. My medical is a premium due to I have pre-existing conditions. White blood center medicine my insurance does not cover and I have to pay $374 a month out of pocket for the rest of my life. Im only 51. God please have mercy and make 2018 about a year. Please let me find justice.