Pray for Jet

(flemington, NJ USA)

Dear Heavenly Father…Praises be to your name and your son, Jesus. Today Father my family and I need your help. Our loving dog, Jet has been poisoned by paint thinner…with my own hand…a horrible mistake and one I do not think I can live with.

He is the most loving and noble of dogs, with eyes that reflect and intelligence beyond an animal nature. But you know this, because he is yours. Heavenly Father, we love him in ways I cannot begin to tell…for so many reasons. But you know him, Father. Please stop the poison in his body. Please let him stay with us for years to come.

I am asking in Jesus name for your kindness and mercy, for this little creature who means so much to us…for the things he taught us about love. I ask again, in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen

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