Pray for husband to forgive and forget my parents

by Maltida (Singapore)

My parents forced my husband to move to my country to work live and get married to me( one of their conditions ) however, despite my husband sacrificing everything he had to move my parents things it was anyway something he had to do and don’t respect him and don’t acknowledges him as a son in law but rather just as my husband.

They don’t really talk to him and I can see my parents only talk to him when they need something like to run an errand or when they just cross paths to just say hello.
I am working with my parents in a family business which I have been in for 5 years. I don’t get profit sharing , can’t make any major decisions so basically like an employee but my parents keep saying this business is for me Nd they will pass it to me. However, even when they are already in their 60s, they still come to work and make all the decisions and get all the profit from the business while I am working double hard but don’t get any recognition.

My husband doesn’t like that and has asked me to leave the company as there is no future for me there and secondly he doesn’t like me to see my parents everyday at work. Why? Because my parents always had a way to talk to me to influence my thoughts and when I bring home to my husband he exactly knows that those words I say comes from my parents. He says my parents are the most selfish people in the world as they care more on money then their own children.

My parents are the kind of parents if they do something for you, they will say I did it for you! And announce to everyone. And they expect me to do things for them and when I don’t they say that I don’t have a good heart or I have changed after getting married.

I did express to my parents I wanted to leave the company but they became distant and told me no because this business is made for me , but by the looks of it I. Probably will still be under their nose till they die as they don’t want to stop work. They love the money coming in.
Well anyway, this business is not what I like to do and I told then I want to do something I liked. Again they put me on a guilt trip that they spent so much on my education. Have told everyone that I am taking over their business. Now they say they shouldn’t have work so hard on their own business if I have no interest in it….

Anyway, my husband is really sick and tired of the behavior of my parents and doesn’t want me to be surrounded by all this and so he wants me completely separated from my parents. Which I agree as this time especially wen we are trying to have a baby now. It’s terrible being under such stress.
My husband says that he will never forget what my parents has done to him or I but will. Forgive them:

Today I pray that my parents will change their mindset of things so that it will not affect my marriage as my husband tolerance is up his neck.
Pray my husband will be able to handle it with respect and also be calm about it. Pray that my husband will receive God’s guidance to guide me as his wife.

To do the right things
Pray for me to have strength to continue to face my parents until things become smooth and that I will find another job outside of the family business.
Pray that the relationship between my husband and I will strengthen and pray that my husband and parents will get along well.

Ps/ my parents are also Christian and goes to church every Sunday but seems like they are not walking the true Christian life. Sigh
Not for me to judge anyway thanks for the prayers.

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