Pray for hope and for my prayers to be answers

by Jonathan Logan Victor (Elmont)

Dear everybody reading This prey to God that all my prayers are answers as I will pray for you I ask you to help pray for my relationships with my family ,friends and girlfriend have no hardships

Dear Jesus christ , mother of God and angels above
I come to you at one of my darkest times I ask for your forgiveness and you to answer my prayers I continue to fall into temptation and I asked to be cleared forgived and for you to have mercy on me , I lied , ive stolen , I’ve been jealous , envious , I’ve fell into lust ,and temptations and i feel like I’m being punished im not saying that everything I’ve done is right im asking for you to be merciful on me and everybody close to me and to give me another chance and then give me strength to over come it as I try to overcome it

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