Pray for Guidance and Forgiveness

I am lost at this moment in my life. I have gone down the wrong road and am having a difficult time getting back to where I need to be. I want to do the right thing and keep true to myself but it’s hard to fight the demons that have pulled me back down. I need the Lord to help get back on the right path and to stay away from this distructive life and the people that keep bringing me down. I know I am the only one to blame for my actions. But if the Lord will just once again give me the courage, strength, and will to walk away I can make it through. I am asking for the forgiveness and the help to get me past this hill I am unable to climb!

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  1. Your child says:

    Dear Lord please forgive me for straying away.Im trying so desperately to put things in order in my life. But lord that devil is busy he keeps on coming at me. I need your help lord to fight that demon off of me.Thank you Lord!I need you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lord when I came to know you I felt great happiness. I let go of the things that were wrong in my life and felt that spark to do your holy will but as time went on that flame began to dim. Sin from the old life came knocking and I gave in. It is so hard tp climb this hill. I ask that you give me the strength to make it across and get rid of the demons that make me fall each time. I want to have that seed continue to grow fruits and i dont want for that seed to die. I am scared lord. Teach me how to trust you, teach me how to love you, and teach me to love those around me. I surrender to you

  3. gods child says:

    Father please forgive me for straying, please forgive me for my sins, seems like i only call on you when something bad is going on an god forgive me for that an god forgive my sins guide me help me to do better. God help me stay grounded am I wrong for paying for outside help? If so give me the strength not to do so. God show me what to do for you an my family. Thank you for your deliverance then me going back please forgive me. God at first I was very scared but now im understanding more please continue to help my faith grow stronger give me the faith to accept my calling. Please show me if my next project is going to help , I $ what I am supposed to be doing. God bless me with that feeling of anointing an the hands to anoint others thank you god thank you jesus you are the alpha an omega the beginning an the end stop this addiction that poison my temple help my dreams come true god bless us with more blessings thank you god!

  4. David says:

    Dear God,

    I’m so sorry that I’ve strayed from your grace. There are so many things weighing on my mind, and my further sinning doesn’t help matters. You know what troubling and complex times I’m going through, so I ask that you help me focus on getting through them rather than making them worse and putting my relationship(s) in danger. I’m sorry that I haven’t taken our relationship seriously lately, Lord, and right now, i want to make amends. Dear Lord, please take some of the burden away from me, and show me the light that focuses my eyes on the endgoal, on my relationships, and a closer life with you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I feel as if we are in a black hole and am finding it so very hard to get out of. I pray the Lord will understand where we went wrong and forgive us and be with us now and always. Thank you.

  6. Anonymous says:
    dear lord

    Lord I’ve let my life pass me by at such a wrong age. Lord you helped me out of prison lord, you helped me get back home to my family lord, you taught me about real life. But lord I’ve messed up. I’ve let all my oppertunitys go, lord I am sunk down to my knees lord I know you are not obligated to listen to a back sliding sinner like me but I know you hear me! I know you do lord, and I pray and I ask you to tell me. Lord I seriously need help I’m so lost I feel like I am my own enemy. I pray and ask u in the name of jesus to protect my family, lord forgive me for such a sinful, and wishing tougue. Lord forgive me. Bless my enemies lord protect them please help me lord. I beg you. I know you are mercyful and so forgiving and I know I don’t deserve it, but I ask you lord to just help me. And make me put mt foot down to the change I need.

  7. Leslie says:
    Climb the hill....

    Hang in there, you know the rewards of a life alongside God.

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