Pray for God’s deliverance

by Steve Last Don't Need (Washington Thats All)

Father in heaven in Jesus Christ Name there is a daily ongoing demanding, pleading that we have the right to plead to demand that Satan lose all his strong hold on Rosalia. As well as all the surrounding area so as the lost can know the whole truth!

Remove my shame to set me free from having a brain that doesn’t want to work correctly at all. There is a deep heart felt pleading that my mind could be supernaturally transformed. That it would quit feeling numb and in constant a headache. The back of my neck is constantly paining me there needs to enabling that it be healed ! You would say I am very angry with your choosing to ignore my constant pleading, demanding I can be completely mentally transformed. I am so upset that I was born this way with a brain damaged brain that is so messed up.

I have a wonderful ideal would it be wonderful if you could know what it’s like to act stupid to be called stupid or retard. Just maybe I plead that you could experience this brain cursed with mental disability of being brain dead like me.

In time it’s going to become to much for me to keep slamming my head against the wall to keep begging and pleading that I can be enabled to be supernaturally healed by you. That I finally just give up fighting and just leave my family behind by walking out or taking my own life. Because I am max out beyond the point of frustrated to me begging pleading that don’t consider me worthy to respond to my simple ongoing prayers! That I can begin to have a brain that works right can understand and process information to understand what it is saying, So as that I quit having my wife complete my collage assignments that no matter how hard I try I can’t do or understand how to do. I am further convinced that you God must be totally against me from being successful in this life. Why would you want me to be in a place of being very deep in a state of dark depression to not know what exactly whats ends is up or down.

Because of my struggles I am questioning of my future if somehow I get through college somehow. With my mental struggles to function cope remember what I am doing am I going to be able to get a job at fifty yrs old ? I want to give up if I could get back on SSI somehow, because I am tired of banging my head against this mental blockade! That I have to keep remaining to living in the state of being stupid and to have to act and feel like the dumbest man.

Thank you that over and over again your enabling life to continue destroying us more and more each day. Praise the God in heaven that has damed us to this cursed poverty stricken life for punish for being our self ?!