Pray for forgiveness and help in a troubled time.

by CL (Oklahoma)

Lord I need to pray asking you to forgive me for my many sins that I have done over the years. I know I was raised better than that and wish I could get back to be the christian that I grew up to be loving and always serving you. Lord I need you right now in a very bad way, please step in, I know you always answer prays and I need this help more than ever in my life.

Please touch the people hearts and let them heed your word and grant me the help we need. We will do whatever you tell us to do now and forever. If anyone read this please send out a special prayer for me and my wife because we need prayer and a special blessing right now. Thanks.

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  1. prayers for special needs

    Please god help me with my bills. The water is off and the light will be soon. No job and no more unemployment. They say i owe them now. Please god help me. I’m so depressed. Cdon’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Please god help me. And please christains pray for me. Amen.

  2. Forgiveness thru the BLOOD of JESUS

    You has taken the 1st steps to confess your sins, acknowledge you needs to be forgiven & asking for help.Now faith, believing & patience is your greatest challenge. Just know that u are forgiven, this was made possible by the BLOOD OF JESUS! Don’t give up, don give in to turn back in your former path.What ever u want to come to pass, start acting on it what we practice is what we become. Just know it will happen in the Lord’s time, not yours.

    Be blessed. Stay prayerful. Read Phillipians 4:1-11.Also the Serenity Prayer.

  3. Keep the faith and stay strong.

    Lord, like many of us we get desperate and forget that you are a God that loves and cares for all his children. How great is your mercy Lord that we are so rich and anointed that we forget that you have always said ask and you shall receive. Please know that before you asked God for financial help he sent his angels out to help you. Please pray and praise him for his mercy and blessings he has bestowed upon you and your family. Get up!!! Read his word!!! Worship him!!! Praise him and look forward to a bright future and abundance heading your way. You must think and act positive!!!! Don’t let the enemy take control because you are a child of the almighty and he will never let you down. Praise him, bless his name, sing to him and most important show him that you will preach his word to others of his good deeds. Bless you and don’t lose an inch of faith. Amen

  4. Praise him for he has answered your prayers before you asked

    Heavenly Father,
    Forgive us for we are only human. Lord, give this family the strength they need to continue forward in life. Show them Lord, that you already have been working in their favor and thanks to your all our sins have been forgiven. Lord, thank you for their anoitment and how truly blessed they really are. Dear family just praise our Lord daily for he has already answered your prayers!!! What we need to do is show him our gratitude and love by reading his word and be better Christians in life. We serve a good God that loves us all and has died for us. Praise him praise him for your prayers were answered before you even asked for them. In Jesus name always Amen

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