Pray for Finding a New Job

by Hui (Beijing, China)

Heavenly Father, I come in front of you the only person I can rely on.

Heavenly Father, I just lost a job which I worked very hard for the past six months, but still failed to keep it.

Heavenly Father, I felt ashamed of losing this job which I believe I was capable of doing well.

Heavenly Father, my hear is heavy because my capability as a professional is denied when I started this profession.

Heavenly Father, I am feeling very sad that someone who entruested with me may lose confidence in me and reluctant to assist me with the next job searching.

Heavenly Father, I know you have given capbility to work well and prepared me to be an excellent professional.

Heavenly Father, please give me more intelligence to master the English, which I know I am close to master and not very freely yet.

Heavenly Father, may the wisdom and confidence descend to me.

Heavenly Father, you are the source of the strength. Give me the strengh to overcome all the problemes.

Heavenly Father, help me grow in spirit, by which I will learn how to love people, how to be perserance, how to build confidence. how to resist temptation.

Heavenly Father, if it is your wish to give the job, fulfill me with it. So I will be close to my family, to take care of my family and be taken cared by them. So I will have opportunity to continue my career in a field I started and believe to have capibility to excell. So I will nice collegues and boss.

Heavenly Father, please open the door/s for me. You know what I want and will give me I need. You will never give up my.

Havenly Father, not let my parent worry about me. I have growp up and should have burden or burden them in any way.

Havenly Father. I am a sinner. Forgive me not using my money wisely. So I am feeling presured financially. It should not be this way.

Havenly Father, help me out of my weakness, be strong emotionally and spirutally.

Havenly Father, open the door to a job which suits me for me. Havely Father, you know what I want and will give me the best.

Havenly Father, I will be with you forever. I will not leave you. Help me find a group and church for me.

I worship you, praise you.

Glory to my Havenly Father.


Prayer in the names of Jusus.

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