pray for employment and financial healing

dear god i come to you your humble servant asking you for forgiveness of my sins i know i have done so many wrongs and caught up in so many wrong doing and maybe that’s why i am in the situation i am in today lord only you know whats best for me and i pray that you guide me along the path to redeem myself and to show you that i want to change and i want to serve you.

i lost my job almost three months now i have applied all over,I have had my hopes up every time someone called me for a job interview and up to now no one has called me back to say anything,

sometimes i feel like giving up hope but i know that god has a plan for me,i have a huge debt to pay by the end of this year and i don’t know how i’m going to do it, so i need your prayers for employment and job stability also i prayer that god sends an angel who would help he in paying off this debt in Jesus name.thanks to everyone in advance.