Pray for Darryn

by Ta (South Africa)

Dear Lord Jesus,

I ask you to bless Darryn and I Lord, I know that this relationship is of you Lord… I know that things are complicated but it is your will. Lord, please Lord draw near to him and place this in his heart to Lord. Lord I am patient however drawing close to you and in faith Lord I know that this is my husband even though right here right now this looks impossible. Lord please remove all doubt from his heart, remove all hurts, and damages from the past Lord. Lord show him that your way is the right way, show him that you way is so much better that any other way. Show him Lord that blessing, love, joy, happiness and all he is seeking is possible through Jesus. Lord show him that this his of you Lord. Lord, draw close to him Lord!! Lord help me to understand you are working on him and only in your time with thing work out for the best. Lord I thank you for showing my my future and I am very greatful, happy and excited to have a man that loves you just the way I do and that we will be able to have such a blessed marriage through because you are the center!!!! Lord I know that in faith! I Jesus name I pray!! AMEN