Pray for continued help for family

by Anonomous (West Des Moines Area.Iowa, USA)

Please help me find way to guide my family so they will listen without resentment, I can’t seem to get thru to.

Pray for my son – help him with his struggles. May he find way strength in dedication to finishing school and the joy of accomplishment. Help him make good decisions. God answered prayers and my son did ask for help and now pray he doesn’t fall again. I appreciate and pray for strength for continue commitment to change his lifestyle and find new friends.

Pray for my daughter find happiness again. She has been sad over break up with boyfriend. Please help her to cope.
Help her find the career path to study.

Pray for my oldest daughter may you guide her to the right job and find love and companionship. Help her with sticking to goals of getting healthy.

Pray to find a way to find the love our marriage once had.
I feel so unloved, unappreciated, and just settling for sake of family but realize it was not the best idea.Give me strength.

Help St. Jude !

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