Pray for bone cancer remission, thyroid test non-cancers, & no cancer for spot in my lung please.

by Barbara (California)

I’m so in need of prayers for cancer again. I already had osteblastic osteosarcoma in my heal that after removing my leg & chemo I showed no more signs of bone cancer. They found spots in my lungs & they feared the cancer had spread, but both the lung biopsy & lung resection said it was not cancer. Months after chemo was over I needed God & more prayers when I needed a breast biopsy. The prayers worked & it wasn’t cancer.

Now 2years after chemo, my last ct has shown a 1.7cm lump in my throat which will be tested for size again then I will need a biopsy. The ct also showed a 4cm spot in my lung that they cannot say is not cancer. I will have to have a repeat ct scan to check if the spot has grown. If the thyroid lump is cancerous this would be a completely different cancer. If the spot in my lung is cancer that means I was never cancer free. I’m so scared & feel all alone. I feel that asking for positive prayers all the time for myself is being selfish with all the other people in the world needing help too. I also fear how many times can I pray that my body is cancer free & have my prayer ansered. Each time I have another biopsy I’m back asking for prayers again that the biopsy will be accurately non-cancerous. I feel selfish asking for prayers so I can continue to live to be with my kids as they finish growing up, be with them for all the special moments. I want so bad to do great things with all the grandchildren I hope to have. But I will still ask for more prayer for my health, to have the bone cancer gone forever, for my thyroid biopsy to come back non-cancerous, & for the repeat ct to show the spot hasn’t grown, it’s not cancer & the bone cancer has not spread to my lungs.

I’m asking for prayers for me to be cancer free. I also ask that everyone prays that all cancers can be cured.