Pray for an end to abort and all murders and wickedness

by Lucas (Banner Ky USA)


My name is Mr. Lucas Hayden Boyd. Pray a prayer of both action and agreement for me and pray with me for the following : Gods divine and Gods angelic protection. Freedoms in all the ways I need freedoms. Pray for miracle healing in my teeth, gums , lower ABS, eyes ,and whole being. Pray for punishments to my enemies that their wickedness will come back to them because they sowed and they shall reap if they do not repent and turn from their wicked ways. I know my enemies are under the curse for the wrongs doings towards me and towards others and I bind all their words and their deeds and the wickedness of their hearts and call for and claim them to repent or to punish unto an end of the wickedness . Their punishment is on them and they and their intimate family are punished and cursed because of it and their peace and prosperity and all is taken from them because of their wrong ways . I loose the kingdom of God to deal with my enemies wickedness and wrongs ways they have done to me and to others … God remove my enemies out of my life…Your way God and Your will God . Vendgance is the Lord’s and He shall repay.

Vendgances be to wicked enemies and wicked enemies punishments be. God I rebuke the devil and the demons and all enemies and they are punished and they are out of my life forever amen. Devil and demons and wicked people and enemies you all are commanded to keep your hands and your lips and your minds and your wills off and away from me in the name and in and by the power of Jesus the Christ amen. Pray wicked and or evil and or mean people out of my life forever. By faith and by works of my prayers and in believe I call enemies and these wicked people punished and continually fulfilled punished because they have done too much evil wickedness in this earth. God hates the hands of those who shed innocent blood.

I call also for my enemies to repent and their wickedness ended. Love your enemies, bless them that curse you and pray for them that spitefully use you and persecute you. God fill my enemies hearts with so much love they can not contain it. There is already too much hate in the world. Lord remove the hate…Lord remove the hate in me too because of all the wrongs done to me… Lord I cast my cares on You for You care for me….Pray that God gives me financial blessings and yes God I receive the blessing and the blessings. Pray for prosperity and salvation and protection on and to all Israel and upon Jerusalem and the Jewish people…

Pray for an end to abort and all murders and wickedness. Thank God for meeting my many needs with God all things are possible. Pray and say I am strong and I am rich according to the Bibles words…Pray that God will open doors of business and give me guidance with my job and life. Pray that 2016 will be a great and good year. Thank you Jesus. Amen. Please pray and agree. When you pray this prayer of agreement please if you wish send me a note to [email protected] or [email protected] or p.o. box 191 Banner, KY 41603. Thank you for your prayers and faith.

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