Pray for a relationship

Dear God,

Thank you for my partner. I love him and he loves me, even though he does not know Christ as Lord.

Thank you for counsellors who are like friends, and for friends, who stay in contact as much as I make the effort to stay in contact with them.

Thank you for the Christian ministries at university in Sydney which lead to good friendships being formed, and for the churches, which are also good.

I think university is a good place to meet Christian friends, it is also where I found faith.

Please Lord, help me be close to you tonight. I do things which confuse me, and my head is muddled with small niggly things a lot of the time.

I wish to be wise. I pray you will disseminate your love through your people, and through their works to the ends of the earth. I pray for those in Russia, Syria, Vietnam, Africa, America, India and China. Bless those who bless you. Bless those who bless me. Please God, send me happy thoughts, such as….rejoice!

I want to be close to my eternal Lord, my eternal home, eternal self, etc.

Please God help me be mindful of eternal things more than worldly things, but thanks also for making me a woman in the world.

In Jesus’ name,

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    If your friend is unbeliever, pray for Him or else you would be dragged to a situation to go in his way….. be ye not unequally yoked together to unbelievers.. be careful my dear sister….. pray for him to come into the light of Jesus Christ……


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