Pray for a Job Opportunity to Return to my husband

Dear Lord,

My husband struggles with passiveness and the ability to lead which stems from his childhood. As a result, he desperately wants to lead his family but struggles with decisions daily. He’s a smart man, but his fear holds him back. Recently, he received a wonderful job opportunity and resigned before he began, due to the fact that i did not want to move. Our relationship is in a terrible place and this was an opportunity to refresh our marriage. Since declining the job, he has been depressed and we have both been miserable because our roles are out of sync. Our guilt over the decision is consuming us. Lord, please help my husband open his eyes to his passive ways and please allow a miracle to work in our lives that this job opportunity would be presented to him again. Please give him the strength to continue to pursue this opportunity and work a miracle that this new potential boss would call him and offer him the job again and allow both of us to bear witness to your Power. I know you have a greater plan and your hand is in every decision we make, but please show us your mercy and your glory and give us the strength to continue to honor and serve you the rest of our days, amen.