Praise you sweet guardian angels, our true friends.

by Kristy (Australia)

dear guardian angels of my children, my unborn children, my husbands guardian angel, my guardian angel, my parents, siblings, family, friends enemies and the world happy feast day, I offer up the precious blood of our lord and saviour, may god bless you and bestow many blessings upon you to do your assignments and save us all, may the guardian angels of the poorest souls, the guardian angels of children, the sick, the dying, the addicted, the lonely, the estranged, the abandoned, the abused, those threatened with abortion, the hardened sinners, athiests and luke warm, may their guardian angels be especially blessed and receive unfathomable graces from the divine god head, seat of wisdom in the battle against evil. thank you angelic hosts, may god infinitely bless you all, amen.

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