Praise for Gods love and supernatural power TY God and St Jude Another Miracle!

by Becca ()

Thank you Father Son and HS and St Jude. You keep your promises. You stay with us and draw close and cover us in your Supernatural LOVE. You fulfill every promise in spite of my

turning away from you. You accept me unfailingly in my desperation and shame. I believe in every word you say. I come before you, trembling in your glory at the foot of the cross, stripped of all pride. Begging and sorry and desperate and broken in pity. My selfish shame brings me crawling and asking and on my knees in your protection and power. You wait patiently for my
Return. You know I will be back and so do I. Because I love you with all my heart more than anyone. I know you will tell me what to do.. I know you will show me signs and wonders, miraculous impossibilities. You want me to walk on water with you. Take my hand I am so scared! Never leave me Lord. I want to be your servant and Satint.
I cry out to you St Jude, I barely know you, yet you grant my painful selfish requests. You help
deliver me from Satan to our Father. You are a friend of mine. I heard of you only in my desperation. My sister knows you and believes and told you my name. THANK YOU for your
Intervention on my behalf, THANK YOU messenger of hope and glory. “Ask anything in my name”, ” with man it is impossible” BUT NOT WITH GOD! TY Lord! TY St Jude! You brought my miracle, my deliverers! I believe that you will finish what you have begun. Father your holy word promises that you will finish the work you began in me!
There is still more to be completed. The miracle will never be fully performed because your miracle will keep growing thru eternity, the good work that you’ve begun in me and Jason.
You will keep us standing as we walk on water. Give us Your courage and strength dear Father,
That we may proclaim you and fulfill our purpose on this planet. Take my fear that I may go BOLDLY to this world to shout out what you have done and will continue to for me! I am your faithful servant, I believe, help my unbelief that I may follow You blindly! I do not have the capability to sing your glory in its due but I worship and adore you! I am almost in unbelief that you again are doing this same miracle again, in spite of my wretchedness and disobedience and waste of the miracle gift you gave me, but I took for granted and let slip away. Watched Your precious gift slip thru my fingers. Lord grow what you are planting within me. I praise Your HOLY name and I love you with all my heart. If the miracle does not turn out the way I want it to please let me see it and accept it anyway. Please help me to surrender it in love and know it belongs to You not me. It’s still miraculous, and to trust You with my life. With my future, with my purpose. TY Jesus!