Praise and thanks in the midst of a troubled marriage

by Rosemary (Edinburgh,UK)

Heavenly Father ,
We praise You and thank You for our friends P and J who have a troubled marriage.
Thank You for all they have been through and their unsuccessful attempts to patch it up.
We know that You love them even more than we do, and that You are going to work out for them what is best for them in their lives.
We ask that You bless every corner of their home and drive the evil of Internet porn and infidelity out forever.
We claim the healing work of the cross .

May the blood of Jesus fall on all these transgressions.For By His Wounds We are Healed!!!!
Give them a new heart for each other.Make their marriage strongest in its weakest places.
may they walk together,hand in hand,and heart to heart,through the rest of life,blessed by your love.
Bring Your forgiveness into their hearts,and heal all hurt.Give them Your strength in their weakness.
In Jesus’ Name Amen.

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