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All my req. be gr now and always and for. I receive frron mon-t4aut easy and always and the mst sales,paid in full plud]s,ect, blhair long na d tck perfect eyesite, colored contact pink gums, healty ligh skin, li wh ect, pink lips always and for. ths and more tomm and aleay smills and bills ectI am requesting prayer for justice for me and lots of love peace and happiness forever and my son also and we live forever and have no stalkers and always be safe and protected and I get excellent credit now and keep it and get wealth and all of the benefits and riches now and enjoy it and reocc mills and bills to trills from my work and I get all of my cash and benefits and goods and from the past and lost and stolen and all i w now and forever and very eas and my son and I stay free forever and have yng and I do my home ownership blessed bst huge safe clean rich smart lux home beau all goods and new car and be lg and clear records and all of my plna and up and schedules and passi incoe and banking goes exc ect, and I go to a ht and be very healthy and have all of my tight and leverage and have peace and never be without any goods and my son and I meet and be happy tog an witj our loved ones and we always love each other and have happy marr. the bst espme ect. and blessed clean fd and bev. and the rch and have reg gun lg and lic ect adn I be a beauy Q always ad foir adn mst sxl pl andbst and keep all of mygdss and prosper! I have dailyhunds, ths, mills bills all goods ajnd enjoy always and forever!I eat ar gensis khan and have my pink fd and win lawsuits all of my gds and get paid in full plus forver! My son and I never be raped or harmed and my vag. be healed and the b always and for.dl mst blessed cities esp me my son also! I get my credit report and all cc and max.lev, all free stuff,creit build lons, and pd off imm. gtanted all req app ect and to rch and wealth and with my work also! I get my phone fixed, and new device ext anf bifmoneyanfd enjoyit all unli apps, passi, and all gds now always and for.! recieve pp wealth, w4u crds, bank all and keep and enjoy all now andf for and insts and unlit I be a gen. forever and always! fm sxy fm and beaty mst forver and akways and obv, cl, ect pics and drivers licence now(very soon) and easy and I keep it and take bst pics

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