pPlease stand in prayer with me over the well-being of my wife

To my family in Christ, please stand in prayer with me over the well-being of my wife who has been battling servere depression and thoughts of suicide; in addition to my family as a whole. Recently our family has been divided due to our daughter being placed into a foster home for extreme and false accusations of child abuse, and most recently we have been informed that she has been placed into mental health facility due to mental health complications, (which we knew she struggled with), and irate behavior. The added stress of this situation does not aid in the pevious battle of depression my wife struggled with, and of course I am now even more concerned and worried about her well-being. The year thus far has been a difficult one for us financially, mentally and emotionally and although my faith is strong in the Lord, it hurts to see my wife hurt and family divided. I know all things work for the good of those who love the Lord and Our Heavenly Father only has plans to prosper us and not fail us.

My prayer request during this time is that my family & I continously be strengthened and encouraged through the Word of Christ – that the spirit of depression and suicide COMPLETELY flees from my wife in the name of Jesus – that our daughter is able to receive the help she needs as well as the accusations of abuse be dropped, swiftly, so she can return home – and lastly, pray financially that we are able to secure better employment because currently our bills and week/monthly expenses supass the amount of money we actually make. Maricualously, thanks be unto the Lord our God we have been able to pay everyone in some crazy divine way and I trust He will continously provide so we can continue to do the same.

Thank you Father for your presence, for your realness, and for your grace. I will be praying for you, my brothers and sister in Christ, as I know and thank each of you in advance for doing the same for me and mine. Be blessed and encouraged family! The Lord didn’t promise us only good days, but at the same time he didn’t promise us solely bad either.

We and our loved ones are going to endure our share of both the good and the bad, but lets do our best to approach each day, no matter positive or negative, with faith, hope and trust for again we know that the Lord has a plan, and although at times it may be hard to see it, trust it or believe it, His ultimate plan is for us to proser and not fail. BE ENCOURAGED Family… As I pray for myself, please know I will also be praying for you all!!!

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  1. I pray your family will get through these tough times

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

  2. Christ is the greatest healer

    I a daughter of Christ and the family of Christ command the depression afflicting your wife, depart from her in the Name of Christ, and all associated affliction derailing the harmony of your family be banished. Amen

  3. Faith

    Good morning
    My prayers are with you your wife and your family
    You have great faith and Jesus hears you
    Please keep going to church on Sunday’s
    Jesus also needs you
    Thank you also for your prayer as I found
    Comfort in your words
    God will bless you and your family

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