Power for strength resolution and acceptance

by Amber Andreason (Bountiful,Utah USA)

God I surrender my life to you. I ask the others pray for my divorce to be finale and humble my ex and my heart to move forward. Protect my children that they will be safe god for anymore abuse from my ex. Let except the courts decision and know it is your plan. God I pray for my soulmate that he is safe and will be home soon and he is guided by you god. Thank you god for my children my job my home and the money you help provide for us during this last year and half. Dealing with lawyer fees therapy. Remove my anxiety and help me keep my life in your hands god. Amen

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  1. a public service

    Commenting on Amber Andreason request. Thot any who read her request should know.

    You are not the person you portray yourself to be to the public. You are not the god fearing, law abiding, family oriented responsible wife, mother, neighbor. You live a double life. The above is what you would like everyone to believe but you have a dark side many have witnessed. You abuse you narcotic meds, You buy narcotic meds from criminally inclined people when you run out of the meds not taken as prescribed, You steal, you lie (even under oath). You have driven under the influence of narcotic to the point of being described as “catatonic” by this school official meaning you were unresponsive. Makes you wonder how you drove and made it to your kids school in that condition and were you going to drive your kids home like that. If so they need to revoke your license. You are putting peoples lives in danger. Innocent people especially family have been on the receiving end or your angry outburst. If things are not done to your specification you become enraged. You have been known to do things to others out of spite examples making false accusations against innocent people to law officials. One person claims his innocent of the serious crime you said was committed is in prison for the rest of his life. If he is innocent you should be ashamed especially if you have no guilt, remorse or conscious which I have already seen demonstrated. by you. You seem to think you do no wrong, its everyone else’s fault. Your little Ms. Perfect well someone lied to you. When it comes to you there was no pleasing you, you are never satisfied, never grateful, appreciative or thankful. All you did was point out what was wrong, faults, you criticized. You never acknowledge the good people tried to do for you. Who wud want to live with someone who was always yelling, badgering, unhappy and negative. Life must be miserable for your family to live w/you in this state everyday. No wonder your marriage fell apart. You made it intolerable. If you want to blame someone for your life being bad BLAME YOURSELF. YOU NEED TO GROW UP AND ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS AND QUIT BLAMING SOMEONE ELSE. YOU NEED TO GET HELP ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU LEAVE MESSAGES ON YOUR PHONE GREETING STATING TO WHOEVER CALLS YOU THAT YOU ARE SUICIDAL. YOUR NOT A STABLE PERSON. You are a selfish person if you don’t seek the advice of a pych evaluation done by a professional.
    Concern family member who wants to remain anonymous

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