Positivity, strength, and success with my business venture

by Nicole (Jacksonville, FL)

I quit my corporate job last year to venture out on my own and begin my new solo career in flipping properties. I completed my first big project earlier this year and the house was listed on the market in March. It has almost reached its 5-month mark and it still has not sold. I’ve done everything in my power and so has the realtor in attempts to sell it. I never anticipated it taking this long to sell and in return, my spirits and my overall mentality have broken down. I have fallen into a spell of depression and I find it hard to find happiness in anything. I’m stressing about money, if I’ll ever be able to complete another flip, and what my near future entails. I cannot move on in life until this home sells. I ask that you please pray for this property to sell and for my spirits to be lifted where I can live day-to-day at peace with myself. Thank you.

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