Please wrap your loving arms around my daughter

Dear St. Jude,

Please wrap your loving arms around my daughter and surround her with good friends. She is lonely and not well received by others. Girls are very heartbreakingly mean to her.

Please guide her to beautiful friendships with true friends. Friendships are key to happiness. I will be ever mindful of this favor. I worry sickly about my daughter and can’t bear to watch her be unappreciated and disrespected.

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  1. Prayer for daughter

    from another mother – my heartfelt prayers go with you – bless your daughter

  2. mom

    O dear st.Jude please protect my daughter from James Chris Hillard he is mean to her and desrpectful I pray to you for speedy help that I fill helpless and alone Amen

  3. Lonely teenager

    Your words are so kind and insightful. I actually cried when I read them. Thank you for giving me hope. My daughter is still lonely and lacks the joy of a good, healthy friendship. All I could do is pray.

  4. Prayer for daughter

    I totally understand your situation as I am going through the same currently with my daughter. Please St. Jude help our children.

  5. Prayer for daughter

    Dear St.Jude, I prayer for my daughter , who is going through a tough time in keeping friends .many of them bully her, or tease her. Please protect and guide her. Help her also to be able to interact with friends in a kind way. I am very troubled and worried for her.

  6. I have prayed for your daughter

    And I have faith that she will find true friendship soon. Blessings to you both.

  7. Friends

    I cannot add a thing to what the person has said above in response to your prayer. It is beautifully said. I too will pray for your little girl to have friends that appreciate and love her.
    God Bless.

  8. Remain faithful, god had heard your prayer

    Dear friend

    I am a 24 year old woman and remember when I was 12, I went through the similar situation as your daughter. I was not well received by other girls and was bullied in school. It was heartbreaking and with me being reserved and very sensitive, I often didn’t stand up for myself and ended up spending lots of time alone. However, I kept my faith and prayed for the lord to give me strength. In the end, I met the most amazing friends and today I look forward to them excelling in their careers, getting married etc.

    Please encourage your daughter to remain faithful. The lord WILL answer your prayers like he answered mine. When I went through this, my parents encouraged me to pray before I went to bed and told me to be strong and that if I felt like I couldn’t, to say this quick prayer “holy spirit of god, I know that you are with me. And I know that there is nothing you and I cannot do together” I’m not sure how old she is, but if you can, perhaps involve her in some extra curricular activities where she can meet people.

    I pray that your daughter meets the most amazing and supportive lifelong friends and that they all share an amazing sister like bond. I pray that she enjoys countless memories of joys and laughter with them and that that you will be relieved of your worries in Jesus’ name. Amen x

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