Please watch over my family and grant us Your graces

Dear Lord,

Please watch over my family and grant us Your graces. You are able to forgive all sinners in the world, help my family to forgive each other for the sins we have done to each other. Bless us with Your ability to see compassion and light in each other and feel the power of Your love and forgiveness. Please Lord, allow us to be back together in Your love and graces.

I ask you in the same breath to please watch over the marriage of my parents and ensure that they are together forever. You put them together years ago to teach my brothers and I the true meaning of love, compassion, and grace. Please Lord, grant them the strength to get through each day together and let them feel your love. Let them want to love again, and know that it is ok to do so.

In Your name I humbly ask you for you to listen to my prayers and take them to heart.