Please watch out over me, Oh Lord

by Bridget (Los Angeles)

Dear Lord,

PLEASE continue to watch out over me. Keep me safe and from harm. Continue to help me work with my health/weight issues. Keep my car/computer/electrical appliances running, monies coming in for bills, rent etc. Help me to spend wisely. Watch out over my family, friends and bless us ALL. A special prayer for my nephew D. whose in distress just now in his life. Give me strength and courage and keep my faith high. Thank you for sending extra monies through my brother whose been a God-send helping me and my sister. I pray for everything to continue running smooth, and even when there is a bump in the road, give me strength to endure! I also ask a special prayer to hear from M. before 2011 is over. We really need to speak to one another very badly. Bring him forward and give him the courage, time and will to contact ME.

I LOVE YOU GOD, and thank you for all miracles and blessings answered! I pray for those on this site who seek your help in prayer and faith to have it if they are really needing it. I know you will NOT disappoint me or them in all we pray for Father, for you LOVE us unconditionally and will forever! All we need to is ASK you.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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