Please urgent health miracle

by Aaron ()

I am in great desperate need of Prayer for a physical body healing miracle. Have been dealing with an undiagnosed illness for two years now. I finally pushed myself to go back to work in December and a few weeks ago it hit me again worse than ever. The absolute worst things are severe debilitating eye pain that’s never ending, eyes continually getting worse red, and visual disturbances that have gotten dramatically worse the last few weeks. Constantly see light burned into my eyes even with my eyes closed see white flying dots all the time bad eye floaters severe light sensitivity repeatedly seeing objects everything I look at at times and so much more. It is like living the worlds worst nightmare. Also my blood pressure has been running dangerously high. I need Gods supernatural intervention to come up on me as I speak and whatever may be causing this with nothing but a miracle just let it finally leave my body and anything that needs to be healed or restored please Lord let it happen instantly as I speak. There’s no way to explain the torment I am in but I know God still heals and we were promised to be healed from all sickness illness and disease so that means whatever is causing this and all these problems with it just so I can see and feel great again and live my life for God in every single thing I do. Please Lord as I speak let me see a sign of these visual problems the things I see that I am not suppose to leaving me and my vision returning to normal and feel this tormenting pain leaving and see every single red vein in my eyes just fading away and normal blood pressure everything I need Lord let it start coming back to me please right here at home through Jesus healing touch and the Holy Spirit no more suffering no more doctors nothing but a miracle. I claim it in Jesus name to start right this very moment and my vision just be normal again have no pain no eye redness no high blood pressure or anything I am not suppose to. In Jesus name I claim it and Pray always, Amen. Please all Prayer is needed more than words can say. In such bad shape I’m sure none of this makes sense but God can do the impossible as I speak. Please Lord all I ask for is a great miracle and 100 percent normal vision no pain no redness and do away with the high blood pressure let me live healed complete and whole and live for you in everything I do.

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