Please trying my husband to me and restore our marriage

by AMW (Annandale, VA)

Lord, I humbly pray that you release my husband, CVW from the influences that caused him to stray from our marriage and our home.

I pray that you return him to me and restore our marriage to a level where our struggles may one day heal not just our love, but provide hope to others.

Lord, I need my husband and although he has lost sight of it, he needs me too. I pray you heal our individual pain, so that we may present the best self to one another.

I ask that you protect him during this time of loss and confusion. Please do not allow anything to occur during this time that cannot be undone. Please keep only unto this marriage the things the CVW and I, AMW as his wife have always held as sacred promises for our future.

God heal us, bring my husband home, restore our marriage and bless us with the children we have wanted for a decade. Again allow us to say and feel daily our CILYA and AILYC…

This I ask in your name, Amen.

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