Please true Jesus Pray that we the victims of terrorism are set free.

by Gabriel ()

True Jesus Christ we ask that you pray the proper prayers to the true Heavenly Father that will have the true Heavenly Father IMMEDIATELY by HIS TRUE DIVINE HANDS kill my true DNA immediate family of 3 being I the true Gab, then Rach, then Rol. For there is ABSOLUTELY NO POINT for us to remain alive in the flesh. For I the true Gabriel suffer from mental illness brought on by a voice and its clan that INTENTIONALLY RAPES my mind, body, soul, spirit, telepathically that calls itself the Virgin Mary and clan. So after 22 years of this MENTAL ABUSE I the true Gabriel just want to DIE because this BURDEN is way way way to much to bear. Thank You true Holy Trinity. Amen. Note: I the true Gabriel have lost faith that you the true Holy Trinity can heal us, but I do have faith that you can KILL US, so KILL US RIGHT NOW. True Peace does not come until after you are Physically DEAD, and You the true GOD are good at KILLING the PETTY SINNERS while YOU LET THE TRUELY WICKED GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING IN THE FLESH, and the truely wicked SEEK NOT ETERNAL LIFE SO THEY DONT GIVE A DAM TO SEEK ETERNAL LIFE, so as You will turn satan to ashes from within, and so will be done to them the evil and wicked so that they NO LONGER exist, well then they have TRUELY WON, for they ESCAPED PUNISHEMENT of any kind in the FLESH, but will spiritually be KILLED to ENTER THE ETERNAL SPIRITUAL REST AND PEACE of NON-EXSISTANCE. Amen.

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