Please true God give us all peace of mind.

by Gabriel ()

True Heavenly Father in the true Jesus Christs name and by His faith, power, and by his authority I the true Gabriel G. beg you to PERMANENTLY and CONTINUOUSLY lift ALL the burdens that the Virgin Satan Mary and hers(clan) have placed upon I the true Gabriel G.s shoulders that I didnt want or ask for of my own true FREE WILL. Thank You true Holy Trinity. Amen.

I the true Gabriel G. am now hearing the Virgin Satan Mary again. She or it what ever or who ever it/they truely is/are WANTS EITHER MY LAND that I live on which I DONT OWN, I rent from my other family members a room who own the house I the true Gabriel G. live in, it is my other family members lands and house on this petty 4 acres. The VIRGIN SATAN MARY said just now that the VATICAN MAFIA wants this petty 4 acres so they can add it to their VAST HORDING OF ANYTHING THEY CAN GET THEIR GREEDY LITTLE HANDS ON. That is why they are GOING TO MAKE SHURE that there are NO CHILDREN from any of my remaining true DNA immediate family members to take it over so that THEY THE VATICAN MAFIA can claim all this land and the house that is on it, and MAKE IT THEIRS and add IT TO THE MASS HORDE that the VATICAN MAFIA HAS ALLREADY. Take ALL FROM THE POOR and HORDE IT ALL FOR THE VATICAN MAFIA. They might also be saying that they want I the true Gabriel G. to GIVE THEM A HAND, to help them? I dont know how since I dont know who they truely are? These voices are like having a cell phone INSIDE your head and not only are you incapable of ignoring it, it is on full blast all the time, and YOU DONT KNOW WHO IS TRUELY TALKING TO YOU but THEY KNOW YOU. This VIRGIN SATAN MARY and her clan just MENTALLY TELEPATHICALLY REMOTELY AND COVERTLY MOLESTS I THE TRUE GABRIEL G.s mind night and day all the time, and it doesnt ever seem to end. There are many many other victims of this form of abuse GLOBALLY, most of US commit suicide at one point or the other, but if they are lucky they die a QUICK PAINLESS and SUDDEN DEATH 2 or 3 years into this type of suffering, unfortunately I have sufferd this MENTAL MOLESTATION FOR 22+ years, I am beginning to wonder if I will ever DIE so it will end, or if I will ever be cured. Prayers to the true GOD in the true Jesus Christs name NEVER WORKED! The FAMOUS healing priest FATHER ROOKIE failed and then those priests that were with him told I the true Gabriel G. that now that I the true Gabriel G. am healed to do what this VIRGIN SATAN MARY says to do. Well the Virgin Satan Mary told I the true Gabriel G. that she wanted I the true Gabriel G. to become a Catholic Priest of the order of FRIAR CORAPI on EWTN, to live in squallor, then to begin rapeing little children for HER/ITS GLORY at the churches I serve as a priest at, and the Virgin Satan Mary would PROTECT I the true GABRIEL G. from all the authorities from ever being able to prosecute I the true Gabriel G. for committing such wicked crimes against the innocent children. The Virgin Satan Mary claims that SHE CONTROLS EVERYONE LIKE PUPPETS and they DO WHAT SHE SAYS AND WANTS weather they like it or NOT. She will only let the authorities prosecute YOU if YOU dont do exactly what the Virgin Satan Mary says to do all the time. I will say this, if this is some form of Global Psychic Satanic Coven, they seem to be MORE POWERFUL than the ENTIRE TRUE HOLY TRINITY, and the true HOLY TRINITY DOES NOTHING TO STOP THEM. So it begets the question “THEN WHAT GOOD IS THE HOLY TRINITY?”. This is one of MANY THOUGHTS I the true Gabriel G. would have NEVER THOUGHT without being SERIALLY MENTALLY MOLESTED by the VIRGIN SATAN MARY and CLAN.

I the true GABRIEL G. am a victim of this VIRGIN MARY(Satan, Virgin Satan Mary) who TRIED TO FORCE I the TRUE GABRIEL into becoming a PETAFILE CATHOLIC PRIEST at first, here at the St Francis of Asissi Catholic Church in Santa Fe NM USA, and when SHE COULD NOT SHE FORCED I THE TRUE GABRIEL G. a former 50+ year old virgin male that belived in one woman one man families, the TRUE GOD YHVH, THE TRUE SON JESUS CHRIST, THE TRUE HOLY SPIRIT, into becomeing a man eating HOMOSEXUAL. I NEVER WANTED TO BECOME A PRIEST EVER, NOR DO I! THE VIRIGN Satan MARY STILL INSISTS THAT I THE TRUE GABRIEL G. BECOME ONE OF HER PETAFILE CATHOLIC PRIESTS SERVEING HER in HER CATHOLIC CHURCHES! The VIRGIN MARY CALLED I THE TRUE GABRIEL G. TODAY AGAIN TO BECOME A CATHOLIC PRIEST TO SERVE HER AND HER CHURCH. I AM NOW A HOMOSEXUAL MALE AT HER HAND THAT HAS HAD ANAL SEX WITH 60+ men in the past 4 weeks and more, all because of her and her clans SERIAL MENTAL ABUSE for 22+ years now! The doctors have GIVEN me medications to stop the voices that cost 18k and more dollars a month, and since I the true Gabriel G. am FULLY MENTALLY DISABLED the PEOPLE of the entire USA put the bill for these pills. The pills no longer seem to be working though, and the TRUE GOD has not cured I the true Gabriel G. or any of the other victims of this garbage that I know of. todays date is 5/15/21. Time 4:50am in the early morning.

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