Please touch my husbands heart and save our marriage

by P (Virgina)

Dear Jesus,

I ask that you step in on my behalf and heal my marriage. My husband told me he no longer sees me as his spouse and is not capable of loving me anymore. He said you dear God would need to open the door in his heart and bring us back together and he can’t do it. He told me our marriage is over and I need to move on as he has filed for divorce. Dear God I believe in miracles and that you are in control of our life. We are both Christians and don’t believe in divorce but Satan has gotten a hold of him and put these thoughts in his mind and heart. Dear Jesus, I ask that you intervene on our behalf and use this situation for your honor and glory. Dear God I ask that you use this forum and believers around the world to unite together and partition the heavens – God you said that if two or more are gathered in your name you would be there and hear and answer their prayers. I ask that people around the world gather and pray in my behalf and you answer my request and touch my husband and save our marriage.

In your name, the name of Jesus we ask it. Amen

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