Please Strengthen my Friendship with Ne

by Mek (Canada)

O Dearest God Our Father Almighty In Heaven Please Strengthen my friendship with Ne.Let us both be MORE patient and understanding with one another. Please let us both be HAPPIER with each other and learn to appreciate each other more.
She is my one true love even if she doesn’t feel the same and I’m happy as long as we’re still VERY GOOD FRIENDS. I THANK YOU LORD for leading our lives cross and for guiding us through some rough and challenging times sometimes.
Please let me be more POSITIVE and MORE SUPPORTI’VE everytime she needs a friend to open up to. And please MAKE ME LISTEN MORE and talk less so she can unburden whatever problems she has inside- I will GLADLY bear it for her.
Both she and “her little one” our my only friends,my only source of joy and happiness so please Lord- please STRENGTHEN our friendship. Please PROTECT the three of us each day and please keep us SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY TOGETHER, if possible- FOREVER.
And please Lord, HEAL her Depression. And if I deserve it, maybe heal me too. Through Jesus Christ’s Most Holy Name.