Please strengthen every marriage

by Wendy (Mc Donald, Tennessee, USA)

Dear Yahua, Thank You for all You have done in our lives. Give us a thankful heart. Please carry us, as we are weak- but made strong in You. We lift up our marriages. Please shield them from the enemy. Protect couples and help them to see one another through Your eyes. Bring restoration, reconciliation and reconnection to heal the wounds caused by unintentional conflict. Bring about Your forgiveness, love, trust, respect, peace, kindness and gentleness into every marriage. Please Mend, deliver, comfort, protect, strengthen and encourage every husband and wife. Work miracles in our marriages, so we will be able to witness to the world of Your Love through our marriages. Make every marriage prosper, is our prayer, and asking that it would be done- in Your Holy Name. Amen.

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