~Please stop others undermining me God~.

by Darla ()

Dear God,
I am concerned about the behaviour of my new housemate for the following reasons. The night before last my laundry disappeared then then reappeared again in the washing machine in our communal kitchen,I went upstairs to my top floor bedroom before it disappeared,then again before it reappeared, when this housemate was in her room and she lives closer to the kitchen than me on the floor below. Then her tone towards me is patronizing as if I am struggling,but in an outwardly caring sort of fashion.But actions speak louder than words and I noticed she went to bed earlier than me and made a noise as if to disturb me on the other side of my wall last night just after I got into bed to go to sleep, and then got up early and was making a lot of row by shouting,walking noisily up and down the stairs when she knew I was still in bed,then when I got up this morning it she went quiet ~ I have thought of how I can go to bed earlier tonight and be less vulnerable now that I have a better idea of her movements but I am fed up of people being patronizing and trying to undermine me God. I am now a qualified graphic designer and really need a good laptop PC to help me earn money. Please counteract this new housemate and anyone else bringing me down Heavenly Father.Amen.

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