Please stop my stalkers including any techie people from keeping tabs on me online Lord.~

by Darla ()

~Something very concerning happened this year in a live channel on YouTube this year where I was expressing my current concerns.Some Portugese people I didn’t know personally started commenting “bicho.” which means “bitch” about me then one of them spelt out the word “Daniel?” and “D A N I E L” which is the name of one of the main stalkers who was an ex – tenancy of the shared house where I used to live that his girlfriend bullied me out of and did some very nasty things to me,and got other tenants to bully me too.Daniel from there got friendly with me to get information out of me. Then going back to this live chat one of the Portugese people replied to the word “D A N I E L.” with an emoji with it’s mouth zipped up like he was keeping quiet about the group of online stalkers against me. So there are people around both phyically/locally and online who are trying to destroy me ~ and because it’s a psychological type of bullying not threatening me physically,there isn’t enough evidence to take them to court via the police.So please protect me against the actions of all these bullies and stalkers Lord Jesus and guard and guide me,because I don’t deserve hatred because I haven’t hurt anyone/am not hurting anyone.Amen.

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