Please St.Jude I pray for direction and financial help

by Zalwango (Kampala,Uganda)

St.Jude I thank you for having helped me pass my papers for last semester I pray that you show where of where to read for the paper I have on Friday 29th of POM I pray that I pass that paper and help me perform with only Bs and. As in my third year so that I finish my studies successfully ,St.Jude I also pray that I get money and finish all the unfinished business I have to finish and pray for a good jib after my studies I also pray for my family ,friends and everyone may their heart desires be fulfilled and also my parents businesses to make a lot of money and may you bless the works of their hands,I also pray for my sisters to pass their final exams so that they can go to other levels.I pray for the evil works of the devil to perish and ho back where they came back from.Thank you St.Jude thank you Lord thank you Jesus.In Jesus name I believe and pray Amen.

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