Please St Jude Help My Wonderful Husband

by Lona (Indiana)

Please I beg of you St Jude. You have done so much good for so many that I am begging you to please give my husband Greg the job that GOD gave him the calling for.

He is a funeral director and one of the best. He lost his job for being too kind to the poor. He could not lie to people and take advantage of people. So he lost his job.

GOD gave him the most wonderful talent of being so kind to others. He knows how important it is to help others no matter what it took from him. Many out there do not know what to do when a loved one is passing without any money.

Please do not let him be punished for helping those in need. I beg of you and GOD to not let this GOD given talent be wasted. Please let my husband get the job he has applied for in another town. I cant pray any harder. He is the kindest person there is.

He should not have been punished for helping the sick, elderly and poor. I beg you St Jude with all my heart to please help us and let him get back to helping others. I love you and know you hear this prayer.

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